Alloys We Produce

  • 319
  • 380
  • 383
  • 332

Each Heat Poured From Our Furnaces Comes With a Spectrographical Disc and Analysis Showing Element Breakdown and Conformity.

  • Sheet Aluminum-Taint/Tabor

  • MLCs

  • 6061

  • Paperbacked Aluminum

  • Most Contaminated Aluminum

Scrap We Purchase

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  • 3000 Series
  • 6000 Series
  • Grade 1 De-Ox


If an outright sale of your scrap is not what you are looking for, Valor Renewables will gladly Toll your aluminum into sow or ingot for you. We pride ourselves on superior recoveries, competitive fees, quick turnaround and environmentally conscience processing of your aluminum and its by-products. Please contact us to discuss how Valor Renewables can be of service to you.​

  • Cast Aluminum-Tense

  • Cast Aluminum Breakage

  • Secondary 6063 Extrusions

  • Thermal Extrusions

  • Aluminum Shavings (Most Grades)​